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Дейниченко: роздуми про ЗМІ в Україні

A newspaper has three things to do.

One is to amuse, another is to entertain 

 and the rest is to mislead.”

Ernest Bevin



I selected Ernest Bevin's words, because I agree with them. He knew life. Ernest Bevin left the school when he was eleven years old.  While receiving Vlad Listev's award, Leonid Parfenov said about the television and mass media more seriously and sadly. He said: “Our television getting more and more exciting, entertaining and amusing. But it will be hardly named civil social and political institute”. In my opinion this characteristic should be given to mass media in Ukraine.

Richard Nixon said in 20 century “the television in its present form is opium for American people”. These words can be attributed to current Ukrainian media. But being optimist, I believe in the positive development of situation with the media in Ukraine. Everybody needs to work on this.

In my view, importance of mass media in modern society is determined by their role. Their role, status, function - provide information to society. I heard that special newspaper was published for aged Rockefeller, filled with the fictitious news. There is indication that some countries can publish such newspapers not only for the multi-millionaires, but also for entire population, for their own people. I do not want this situation for Ukraine. Democratic state's media - it's source of information, however in totalitarian state -it's source of disinformation.


Television became main source of information for majority of the Ukrainian population. For intellectuals, who are interested in state's conditions and have access to the modern technologies - main source of information is internet. For majority of population possibility to obtain newspapers exist only during the elections. And only in the form of candidates' political propaganda. Uniformed, most popular publications for all property classes, all population are difficult to define. Even television channels, programs are greatly differed based on their content and influence in the different regions of Ukraine. For example, "Inter" is russian-speaking TV channel and is in demand in east and south of the country. Television channel “Fifth” - in the west and center of Ukraine. The popular newspaper “Arguments and Facts” is Russian newspaper and is filled with news suitable  for population of particular Ukrainian region.


Regional mass media actually oppose Ukrainian's citizens based on territorial and  political basis. Owners of publications outfit their economic interests in the political clothing through their own media outlets. The most popular media outlets and their owners are shown in photos below


During election campaigns the most effective piece of the media is television. Population practically can not get rid of it. After watching tv programs people barely read newspapers. And there is no money available to the press. Television is beneficial for large political parties (their owners), since candidates without the money simply can't give information about their programs to voters. Large advertising campaigns became very important for media during election process. Leasing media for advertisement is expensive. Therefore candidates without large capital also can't use them in political struggle.


Third form of the media - newspaper. Custom-made articles, the concealed political advertisement, “black PR" - the usual practice of Ukrainian political establishment. But this is defeat of democracy.


It is difficult to speak about of independence the media in the Ukraine. Everything depends on their owners. But they work for obtaining of money, protection of their capital. Organs of the media for such owners - small part of their production capital.


Majorities of printed publications in the Ukraine in the Russian language. There is the media in the Ukrainian language. For example, radio “era”. But radio listeners it is small. I consider that the influence of radio stations is not significant.


The President of the Ukraine Victor Yanukovich stated that “for the democratic state it is critically important to protect the freedom of word. It is necessary not to allow pressure on the media. The pluralism of opinions in the organs of the media - this is the guarantee of democratic voting on the future selections. The organs of authority must do everything in order to protect the media and the rights of voters”.


I support this statement.


I consider that mass media can favorably affect the society. Essence of civilization in exchange of information, in control of authority from citizens. Therefore I think that development of society and the state in Ukraine is simply not possible without mass media.  Nation, which conducts conversation with itself, this is a good newspaper, said Arthur Miller. It is necessary translate free of charge 10-20 foreign television channels with the simultaneous translation for population. This will sharply increase the knowledge ability of citizens and their demands for living standard. It is necessary to simplify creation of new newspapers. Especially since this is not too complicated.  Everything that's needed for publishing a daily newspaper - is ambition, honesty and 10 000 000 dollars. As said Henry Morgan.


Vladimir F. Deynichenko


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Дейниченко: роздуми про ЗМІ в Україні

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