Erotic massage in Kiev: distinctive features of the procedure and technique

Erotic massage for civil servants in KievErotic massage in Kiev – special type of massage, which is used not only as a prelude to coitus, but also for functional disorders of the reproductive system. In many people this notion associated with something inappropriate and indecent. However, in fact, this procedure in the Kiev salon ” KDS ” is a prevention of diseases of the sexual sphere and is aimed at complete relaxation of the patient.

The origin of erotic massage: when and where did this massage technique appear?

Public servant doing erotic massageErotic massage appeared a long time ago: several millennia ago. The procedure is reflected in the cultures of different peoples of the world. Eg, some moment this type of massage for civil servants was depicted in drawings on the stone walls of ancient temples in India. You can also learn about it from ancient treatises of hereditary healers in China. The ancient Japanese called this type of massage a combination of fire and ice. They were the first to use ice fragments for relaxation procedures.

It has long been known that stimulation of certain points of the body is not only useful, but also able to deliver real pleasure. For example, on the territory of Ancient China, through the use of acupressure techniques, the erection of civil servants of the stronger sex was controlled. This helped prolong the sexual act. As many people know, in India, erotic massage was performed using stimulating oils and sensual touches. Many believe that this method of relaxation first appeared on the territory of Ancient India several millennia ago.

Modern erotic massage technique and its main features

If you contact the professional salon “KDS”in the salon KDS in Kiev, you can notice that the massage begins with a greeting. Only after that, the master begins the procedure with a relaxing neck massage, gradually moving to the shoulders and back. Next, the specialist massages the buttocks, legs, and feet. Acupressure of the feet plays an important role for the reason that relaxation and subsequent arousal occur through them. A relaxing massage is necessary to bring the patient into a state of calm and relaxation.

After that, the master turns the person on his back and starts working with the upper part of the body. Gradually, a relaxing massage turns into an erotic one. After that, the wizard starts body massage. This type of massage is performed by all parts of the body. Special attention is paid to the genitals and the main erogenous zones. The procedure ends with a Lingam massage, followed by a relaxation massage of the hands, through which the energy is gradually distributed throughout the body.

As a rule, this type of massage uses techniques of vibration, kneading, stroking and rubbing. Erotic massage, in contrast to the classic, is carried out more affectionately and gently. This often involves balls, fur, feathers, beads, rings, hard sticks and even pieces of ice. The greatest attention is paid to stroking, which is performed with the pads or phalanges of the fingers, the palm. Pleasant strokes can be straight, zigzag, circular, or combined.

Welcome to the Kiev salon “KDS”!

Mulatto spread her legsArt, erotic massage, has come to our time from the depths of centuries. At the dawn of the various techniques, the procedure was only available to a select few. Not every man could get pleasure from the hands and body of a beautiful and skillful masseuse. Those who had access to it enjoyed the unearthly mystery for hours. Today, any man who ordered one of the services will be able to try and enjoy erotic massage in the kds salon in Kiev. Forget about work, life’s troubles and difficulties for a few hours and experience the magic art of naked nymphs.

Erotic massage in “KDS”: types of techniques, performance features

Customers can enjoy the procedure in the kds salon by choosing the type of service that suits them. There are several techniques and a man can choose the option he likes:

  • Swedish massage;
  • massaging the client with the girl’s body;
  • VIP service;
  • classical massage;
  • a combination of several techniques.

When visiting the kds salon for the first time, customers are interested in the process of conducting the service. Experienced service managers will explain in detail the entire course of the massage. They will take into account the customer’s preferences and provide one or more masseuses chosen by them. In all techniques, erotic massage does not allow sexual intercourse and fellatio. This line is fundamental for masseurs, salon owners and is strictly observed.

European erotic massage (Swedish) – a compilation of several techniques that allow you to get complete relaxation

The brunette is standing sidewaysThe procedure is popular in EU countries. A spacious room, semi-darkness, unearthly scents and a charming almost naked nymph-masseuse. At the request of the client, the music that he likes can be played. Modern European massage is a synthesis of several techniques.

From Swedish to European passed powerful techniques that stimulate the muscles and tissues of the body. From other techniques, it contains elements that have a beneficial effect on the Central nervous system. During the procedure, you can feel alternating light, gentle and strong touches of the masseuse. The girl takes care of the client’s body, plunging his mind into a world of unknown sensations. A man should surrender to his feelings and experience the full range of pleasures and relaxation.

Erotic VIP massage-fulfillment of client’s wishes

For men who want to experience the greatest number of sensations in one session, the Kiev salon ” KDS ” provides a special service. The service, erotic VIP massage also does not allow intimate communication, but allows a man more freedom to Express his feelings. In the city of Kiev, this service is provided by few salons.

It should be noted that this massage includes therapeutic techniques. The duration of the procedure is much longer than in standard conditions. The number of masseuses is limited only by the client’s imagination and fantasies. The procedure alternates between different techniques with breaks for rest. Used in the procedure and body massage-the technique of massaging the client’s chest and other parts of the body of masseuses. Visiting the Kiev salon ” KDS ” men will get a lot of impressions, body health and positive emotions for a long time.